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Romantic Rhine River Cruise on Avalon Waterways Felicity


My trip to the romantic Rhine was the best experience! I have traveled on cruise ships before because I love the ‘unpack once’ idea. I traveled many years ago with my company as an award to Paris so I cannot say I had not traveled to Europe before but this river cruise was soooo different! The history I learned and recalled was outstanding! I know why my mom traveled to Europe as many times that she did. She loved history.


Each stop that was included on my trip was a new adventure. Amsterdam with all the bikes, bike parking deck, canals, homes, flower market and museums were so different than the USA.


I enjoyed the walking, looking, listening, and picture taking at each stop. Each guide was very informative at each destination! I was amazed at the activity at each stop – the economy must be doing very well along the Rhine. The castles, the Lorilie story and how busy (barges) the Rhine River was. The Heidelberg castle and all of its history and we walked right there! Each town has its own story and place in history.


Food was wonderful and wine with dinner each night! The River cruise was clean, concise, good food and an opportunity to meet other people from different countries and see them many times during the week. (Not always true on the big cruise ship).


Would I do a trip with Avalon again? In a heartbeat! What was the best of all the trip cost was all inclusive! Would I book through Palmer Vacations & Destination Planners again? Always! Lisa Shall has booked several trips for me and I have never been disappointed; neither with her recommendations or the trips booked for us.

ElisaBeth Durbin

Palmer Travel bids adieu to our Palm Tree logo as we welcome a new era. Donna Palmer has been the proud owner of Palmer Travel for over 30 years and decided to spruce things up a little. We have a new name and a new logo and are very excited to share it with everyone.

The "official" name change will be announced in a press release in the next couple weeks. Many thanks to Innis Maggiore for their help in designing a great looking logo and here is a sneak peek.

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The sign company finished the refurb on our existing sign to convert it to our beautiful new sign.


We have quite a ways to go yet with the sign on the building, the name on the front door and not to mention all of the envelopes, invoices and business cards. Hopefully you will start seeing our new logo sprout up here and there. Just remember that we are the same great company, owned by the same great person and will deliver the same outstanding service to our clients.