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We are having difficulty in deciding what to do or where to go for a family vacation next summer. Our kids will be 10 and 6 next April so we thought it is time we can start doing longer family vacations instead of the 2 or 3 night close by driving trips. We are just torn on what to do or where to go.

Either way we go, we will have to drive as my wife will not fly. I am trying to decide if I want to drive to Florida to catch a cruise on one of the newer, bigger ships or catch an older ship out of a more nearby port. We also would love to see things farther away on land, such as New Orleans or San Antonio, but don't have 2 weeks to drive everywhere.

My wife and I love to cruise and we believe the kids will love it too. Kids don't have a passport yet so we will have to get that if we cruise but it is not a real big deal but something to consider anyways. I would like to introduce the kids to cruising as there are so many things to do on board such as surf pools, water slides, rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks, sports courts, mini golf and of course the wonderful kids club activities. Dining is always a treat on a cruise and my kids are not afraid to try new things so they would just love to sample the wonderful cuisine on board a cruise ship. We can visit many ports to see other places and spend time on the beach too.

While it would be great to see islands and other cultures, we have a lot of great places to see here in the USofA. Beach towns such as Myrtle Beach or Virginia Beach, Big cities like New York City, Chicago, Boston; history of our Nation's Capital; historic old south of Savannah or Charleston; perhaps the Great Smokey Mountains for some outdoor adventure. Disney World; how could I forget about Mickey Mouse.

We enjoy baseball so I thought a trip with a couple stops at baseball stadiums would be a great fun activity. Catching a game in Wrigley Field or Fenway Park, how cool would that be?

We continue to struggle to figure out what we want to do. We like to think that there are lots of summers for us to do all of the above things but the kids do grow up fast. Will they want to trudge around museums and monuments of DC at age 10 and 6? Will the kids enjoy Disney at age 14 and 10 if we wait a couple years or will the magic be long gone? How old should the kids be before we adventure in to a big city or two with thousands of people everywhere? Will my wife ever fly so we can visit one of my big items in the Grand Canyon?!!

It would be cool for the kids to go back to school and share with their friends that they saw Jamaica or St. Thomas on a cruise or saw St. Louis from the top of the Arch. I am sure they will have great stories to share, that is if we can ever decide what to do.

Once we decide, at least I know of a good Destination Planner to reserve everything for us!

Still Undecided Father,
Todd Langenek

Our UPSCALE EXCURSIONS and DISCOVERY TOURS program recently returned from a tour of the great south and the participants truly enjoyed a wonderful trip. They spent 2 nights in Lexington, Kentucky while they visited a distillery, some country music and the Lexington Horse Park. Next up was 3 nights in Charleston, South Carolina to enjoy a carriage ride, a harbor tour and Magnolia Gardens and Plantation Home. A lunch stop and carriage ride in Beaufort, South Carolina before the group ended up in Savannah, Georgia for 2 nights. Savannah stops included an historic city tour, carriage ride and a visit to the former house of the founder of Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low. The last city on this wonderful tour was Asheville, North Carolina for a visit at the fabulous Biltmore Estate to enjoy a behind the scenes tour and dinner.

An 8 night journey with lots of southern hospitality and charm. Here are some snapshots of the great people on this tour and the fun they all enjoyed. We hope you enjoy the photos!





















Hope to see YOU on our next amazing adventure!!

Frontier Airlines recently announced that they will begin charging at least $20, and up to $50, for carry-on bags beginning with tickets purchased on or after April 28, 2014. The theory is that they have "unbundled" their fares and thus giving the travelers more "freedom" to only pay for the services they really need. Um, I am not buying that theory. It is simply they can make more money by charging more fees.

They have reduced their fares by an average of 12%, for now. My guess is that they will raise the fares back up once people become accustomed to paying the carry-on bag fees.

Members on their website pay $20, non-members or online check-in travelers will pay $25, at the airport will pay $35 and gate check passengers will pay $50!!! Ouch.

This all could be avoided if the airlines would just enforce the carry-on size restrictions that they already have in place. People have been taking larger and larger carry-on bags since they have to pay for checked luggage. Now the airlines are having trouble with overhead storage space because bags are getting too big or they have too many of them. If passengers are forced to stay within the size restrictions, then there will be enough storage space as more people will need to check their larger, wheeled bags. Viola, problem solved as the airline still makes money off checked bag fees and travelers are not getting ripped off by paying more fees.

Frontier, oh Frontier. Now you have done it. By charging for carry-on bags soon all of the other airlines will follow suit in this copycat industry. Soon all travelers, on all carriers will be paying more fees for traveling on airlines. As we like to say, there is no good airline anymore.