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Most travelers are uncomfortable in a normal airplane economy seat and are always looking for an upgrade to business class or first class. Dreaming of larger, leather seats complete with free beverages.

Well, if Airbus has their patent approved and actually decides to produce their new seating concept, you may soon be dreaming of your old standard economy seat. Airbus is working on a concept and have applied for patent rights on the seat plan. Think of a bicycle seat with backrest and armrests.


Wow is all we can say.

If an average Airbus aircraft holds 300 passengers with the "bulky" seats we are accustomed to sitting in, think of how many passengers they can cram in using this concept.

Let's hope if this patent gets approved that none of the major airlines will institute this idea. I could not imagine traveling 6, 8 or 10 hours on an airplane sitting on a bicycle seat.

Let's file this idea in the can and move on to the next dumb idea.

Our escorted group program is not quite 2 years old and is doing very well. So far, we have operated 18 trips and have 11 more scheduled over the next 13 months. We have been fortunate enough that our participants have enjoyed our planned trips enough that we have not had to cancel a single trip!! Thank you all for the great and wonderful support.

Our latest trip was from June 22 - July 1, 2014 for Exploring America's National Parks. This was a 2 week journey covering 6 states and 6 national parks. We visited Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado and South Dakota. Among many other stops we enjoyed 6 National Parks; Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Some other fantastic sights were Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse monument as well as Custer State Park.

Our guests were treated to 4-wheel drive tour and Navajo cookout in Monument Valley, lunch and wine tasting in Colorado wine country, a cowboy cookout, a buffalo safari and sightseeing at every stop of the journey. Below are some photos from our excursion. See if you can find any of your friends in the photos and ask them about this outstanding journey!


Mustafa and Marilyn along Route 66


Mustafa, one of our program architect and group escort, at the Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon


Helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon


Pat Schrader, our other program architect and group escort, enjoying an afternoon ride







Pat Schrader, the 5th person on Mount Rushmore?


Custer State Park Buffalo Safari


We made close friends with the buffalo during our safari 


Cowboy Cook-out



Mustafa, are you afraid of that "little" animal?


Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park; view from our hotel's patio


Bryce Canyon National Park


This is just part of our group that made the climb to Bryce Point, elevation 8,300 feet. Great job everyone!

TSA will begin requiring travelers to power up their cell phones and other electronic devices before they complete the security measures. This procedure is in regards to supposed cell phone bombs. So devices that are completely out of juice will not be allowed on board the aircraft so you have to show that your device is working.

While this in theory is a great measure, we can only imagine how much time this will add to security wait times. If a device takes on average 90 seconds to power up and you know not everyone will have their phones, ipads or laptops powered up before entering security.

Hopefully they will implement an extra line or two for those without electronic devices so that they can get through security without waiting behind travelers with 2 or 3 devices each.

Not real sure how they are going to be implementing this policy. There are cell phone charging stations after security but not usually prior to security. Will airports be required to put in those stations so that everyone who is asked to leave security due to a "dead" phone will have a place to charge up?

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. We welcome any comments from those who have experienced the new cell phone rule.