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We were happy to have our new sign and more advertising lines to spread the word. The original sign was a bit lower and we were able to reach the letters with a just the help of a ladder. Changing the message was fairly quick and easy. But with the new sign, the message panel was raised higher to become more visible and this made the sign too high to reach by ladder. We had a pole with a suction cup to change the letters but this required that we remove the letters one at a time which became time consuming.

sign 2

Updated sign from 2010

Add in the weather elements such as rain and snow, there were lots of days that we were unable to change the message promptly. Factor in the letters freezing to the sign in the winter and there would be weeks gone by that we couldn't change our message. Not only was this frustrating for us, it was not allowing us to get a message out that one of you might see and let you know we have a trip that is right for your family.

So, with lots of thoughts and discussions we have decided to take down the old manual sign and replace it with a new digital display version!


Our new digital display

This sign has the same surface area as old sign but we are able to design eye catching messages with as much or as little as we like. Before we only had 4 lines of type to display a single message or multiple messages. Now we can have numerous slides that can change as fast as every 8 seconds!!

As with all new electronics there is a learning curve. We are learning size and colors that look good or bad. If you see a message that is hard to read, please don't be afraid to call or email us. We would appreciate the feedback.

We are very excited about our new sign and hope you will be able to swing by and take a look at it some time.