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We had a family that was celebrating Grandma's 90th birthday and the whole family celebrated aboard Allure of the Seas from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.  We hope you enjoy the photos and their point of view on the ship.

Everyone had a great time on the cruise.  All the prior planning really paid off and allowed the cruise to go off with few issues.


Beautiful Allure of the Seas

The ship was really loaded with activities, more than I’ve seen than on any other ship.  There was very little not to like.  And the ship’s large size produced a very smooth ride.  No one got even a hint of seasickness.  The only downside was the massive number of people.  At times it felt like Disney World when the show let out, especially on the Promenade deck.  Also, we didn’t use any of the pools, but there weren’t any chairs available, anyway.  It also took forever to get off the ship.


Main Pool

Central Park was nice, but not as intimate as advertised.  It was merely a way to get to the pay restaurants.


Central Park

Several restaurants were available with free food.  But don’t waste your time on Chop’s Grille.  It was too noisy and the food wasn’t any better than the dining room.  Plus, the staff was really pushing for an extra tip.  The real gem, however, was the Park Café.  It had the best roast beef sandwiches. 

The cabin steward was excellent, as was the dining service.

The independent excursions we booked in St. Thomas and St. Kitts were great.  However, the one in the Bahamas [Discover Nassau Land and Sea] booked through the cruise line was just OK and overpriced.

No one did the zip line, since it cost $70  for the week.


Boardwalk Area

Mom really enjoyed the cruise, especially the three birthday celebrations, the planned one and the two impromptu ones in the dining room and Chops Grille.  And the staff treated her quite well.  The planned birthday was in the best nightclub [Dazzles Lounge].  They closed the entire 2-story facility to our party.  The cakes were decorated kind of “cheesy,” for the price, but they did taste good.

The hotel in Fort Lauderdale [Hilton Marina] was very good, except for the final billing.  They charged everyone’s credit card instead of putting it on the one we wanted.  But there was a water taxi stop at the hotel, and this did serve my wife and me well for our tour of the city, since we didn’t have a rental car.  The only real downside was the high expense to eat there and the ½ mile walk to the nearest restaurant.

We didn’t use any transfers.  Taxi to the hotel.  Private bus to the ship.  Taxi back to the airport. 

Note: Boarding was at 12:30 pm, but we were able to get through registration and into the holding room at 10:30 am and board around noon, beating most guests to the lunch rush.

Thanks for all your help in setting up this fabulous cruise.

Best regards,